I designed a logo (AKA hire me for all your graphic design needs!)

Ambling preamble

My good buddy Afnan created this badass tool called Diffsitter that creates more helpful diffs. He also wanted us to learn how to make vector graphics together so we could create a logo for Diffsitter.

So we did! For free!

How I did it

To do so, I used the open-source painting program Krita. All you need to do to create a vector graphic within Krita is to add a vector layer (in the dropdown next to the plus sign within the “Layer” dock). Then use the different polygon drawing tools to make shapes, lines, etc. Super easy!

Since his program is called “Diffsitter,” I brainstormed a bunch of different potential logos that involved either the concept of diffs or the concept of sitting. This included: deltas, chairs, stools, benches. Clearly sitting was slightly easier for me to visualize.

From there, I drew and redrew different logos that incorporated these concepts. One was just the word “Diffsitter,” but with the D shaped more like the Greek delta. One was the word sitting on a very long bench. Another was a sleeker “Diffsitter” where the tiddles over the i’s and the crosses through the f’s and t’s were all connected.

But the winner was… a little chair :>

Things I love about this little chair:

So that’s the journey! I’ve learned a lot about creating vector graphics, and would love to design more things - I really enjoyed the process of not only drawing the logo, but also iterating on it to make it as perfect as possible. Hire me!